5G Beware Doc

5G technology is coming like a freight train, and the telecom companies want you to buy in.  But what if you found out that the way to faster mobile internet isn’t secure, reliable, or even safe?  Three Washington state experts share their insight on the coming 5G disaster and educate us on how to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the next big health crisis from corporate America since the smoking epidemic.

In this thought-provoking short documentary, experts in Bellingham, WA give insight about the imminent threat posed by this untested wireless technology.  5G wireless transmitters could literally be placed outside your door, and according to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), there’s nothing you, or your municipality can do about it!  5G BEWARE blows the whistle on corporate control of our FCC, and exposes the potential health concerns of wireless radiation.  The 5G microwave issue isn’t simply local to Bellingham, WA – it’s GLOBAL.

To view this 24 minute doc, simply click on our YouTube link here, and share the message!

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