Paydirt is the story of the last great American adventure; mining for gold in the untouched wilds of the western U.S. The ultimate goal – strike it rich or die trying!


After general contractor and mining pdvd_024_alllookngbowlcropenthusiast, Alan Carly, miraculously survived a near fatal stroke, his only thought was to  finally mine the inherited family claim. He and his trusted team of roughnecks, laborers, heavy equipment operators and amateur prospectors, set their sights on the Carly Claim, 20 acres of mineral rich soil with nothing but sheer determination and gold fever.

By using multiple mining techniques, and contributing to the ecological restoration of the property after excavation, Alan and his crew will do what no other mining show has done before.

Join in the fun, and the action, and see if 8 men can survive the elements, the fever and each other, while risking everything to hit PAYDIRT.

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