What We Do (Services)

Greater Earth Media, Inc. provides a number of services to our friends and community neighbors.


Tell The World Who You Are Through Video!


Nowadays, social media and websites are key to bringing community awareness to companies, organizations, non-profits and even individuals…but just explaining the services you offer or the cause you represent may not maximize results.  In today’s marketplace, it’s important to deliver a message that has soul and character.  To engage the viewer, you need to tug the heart strings or bring a chuckle to your online audience.  We’ve got you covered!  Our team’s background in television and documentary means that we know how to craft the best story and engage our viewers.


Company Training Videos and 360 Degree Training Experience


Many companies experience high turnover rate, especially in college towns.   This presents a costly problem training new employees.  Think about it:  Not only are you reviewing applications and interviewing potential hires, you’re then having to train them how to do the job, uphold the standards and brand of your business or organization, and ensure they’re fully aware of policies and guidelines which, let’s face it, can generally be boring no matter how necessary.  What if your managers didn’t have to sit with new employees for days?  What if we told you we could work with you to create fun and funny videos that will keep the attention of your trainees?  How about if we told you we could create a 360 degree EXPERIENCE for your trainees to feel what it’s really like to do the job, increasing comprehension and retention by up to 60%?  We’ve partnered with My Cloud Cure and Velpic to help bring you a better way to train.


Television and Docu-Reality Content

Reality and Documentary series have dominated the cable and television networks.  Watching these shows, many viewers can’t help but think, “Hey, I have an idea for a show!”  Well, now’s your time to pitch the idea.  Greater Earth Media works with clients to develop the concept and bring it to life.  What if the idea isn’t right for television?  Use your company or organization to spread the word on social media and the web.  Many companies and individuals are now building their own short, web-based reality shows that help bring social awareness to what they do!  Maybe your construction company has some colorful characters; we can use this to help promote your business and attract traffic on the web.  Maybe you give your restaurant’s excess food to a local charity or food bank; we can show your compassion and share the stories of those who benefit!  There are endless possibilities, and we’re your best choice for creating your story.




Like all of you out there, we have a passion for what matters most to us.  That’s why we always endeavor to do documentaries that we believe are relevant and in need of sharing.  Whether it’s how an endangered iconic species is striving to survive eradication, or a young man’s journey beating stage IV cancer using unconventional methods, or how sound and music impact us on a healing level; we have a passion for sharing.  If you or your organization have a documentary idea, we’d love to hear it.  Working together is what makes visual media great, and we’re always open to building new relationships and bringing new stories to life.


Product Videos and Commercials

We get that you have a great product to share with the world, and we want to help you get it out there in a great looking, and easily understood way.  Products large and small, and even food and beverage are well within our expertise!

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