It’s official! 04/10/16

©2015 Thomas Henry Durant


It’s official everyone.  Gwenn Morreale and Thomas Durant have joined forces to create Greater Earth Media, inc. as a vehicle to produce and promote film, television and multimedia projects with a positive message.  We here at GEM could not be prouder of the accomplishments we’ve made so far, but it couldn’t have happened without the help of all our supporters and friends who helped us build this company from the ground.

We hope that we at GEM will be a model of understanding that stories are EVERYWHERE in this world, and every story worth telling has a hopeful message.

Follow us and join us on our journey!

Published by freedomofthepack

This is a feature length documentary film about the current trials and tribulations occurring over wolf protection in the lower 48 states within the US. Politicians, Ranchers and Conservationists are waging war over whether or not this species has the right to survive and be free. Follow some of the efforts of non-profits, organizations and politicians striving to be sure that future generations will enjoy this iconic animal, Canis Lupus.

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