PRESS RELEASE – July 4, 2019

For Immediate Release: BELLINGHAM, Washington / July 4, 2019 / Greater Earth Media, Inc. Greater Earth Media, Inc. releases their latest short documentary project, “5G BEWARE” free to the public on-line. The Film discusses the potential threat 5G Technology poses to the citizens of the world by exposing scientific studies led by organizations such asContinue reading “PRESS RELEASE – July 4, 2019”

PAYDIRT – Television Sizzle

Generally, it’s important to play TV sizzle ideas close to the chest…so close it actually hurts!  We’ve had several iterations of this piece, but here is one of the initial cuts of the sizzle for a new type of gold mining show.  It’s not about whether they’ll find the gold, but moreso about whether theyContinue reading “PAYDIRT – Television Sizzle”

MyCloudCure and Velpic Animation

Greater Earth Media, Inc. is proud to announce that we’ve partnered with My Cloud Cure, a NH based technology and software company, to provide production services for industrial and training videos, primarily in the space of Virtual Reality (360 degree) video capture and post production.  Below, you can check out the first of many videosContinue reading “MyCloudCure and Velpic Animation”

Update 04/11/16 – Untitled Cancer Project

We here at Greater Earth Media are so proud to have been put in touch with Ryan Luelf, a man from Oklahoma who is in the fight of his life, battling stage IV Lymphoma. Through his eyes, Ryan takes us on his journey, passing up conventional (and more dangerous) treatments in favor of natural andContinue reading “Update 04/11/16 – Untitled Cancer Project”

GEM Slate | Freedom Of The Pack – Wolf Teaser Trailer

04/10/16 From Director/Producer Thomas Henry Durant and Producer Gwenn Morreale comes the story about the fight for wolves’ rights to survive.  An epic war has been waged against wolves for millenia, but why and at what cost?  Freedom of the Pack explores the science behind the need for this keystone species, exposes the myths behindContinue reading “GEM Slate | Freedom Of The Pack – Wolf Teaser Trailer”

GEM Slate| Sound Heals: The Movie – Teaser Trailer

04/10/16   From Director, Thomas Henry Durant, comes a documentary that discusses the ability for sound and sonic vibrations to heal the physical, mental and emotional bodies.  From simply listening to your favorite song to experiencing immersive sound baths, our experts and subjects will give their stories of recovery and give proof that sound therapyContinue reading “GEM Slate| Sound Heals: The Movie – Teaser Trailer”

It’s official! 04/10/16

04/10/16 It’s official everyone.  Gwenn Morreale and Thomas Durant have joined forces to create Greater Earth Media, inc. as a vehicle to produce and promote film, television and multimedia projects with a positive message.  We here at GEM could not be prouder of the accomplishments we’ve made so far, but it couldn’t have happened withoutContinue reading “It’s official! 04/10/16”